Rize supplies a variety of products both sold individually and in kits that lend themselves perfectly for use hanging signage. Due to the small size, the Kwik-Loc blends well in both retail and signage industries where appearance is a large factor.
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Products frequently used for Signage & Retail Applications:


The Rize Kwik-Loc™ cable lock can be used as a fast and reliable way to suspend signage,fluorescent lighting, HID’s, sound systems, cable trays and fan units. Cable locks are to be used on static load applications only.

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Barnacle Clip Kit

The Barnacle Clip is ideal for use on drop ceilings. The two piece design of a left and right piece securely fasten to a drop ceiling beam creating an instant drop location. Holds up to 35lbs.

Kit includes: WC2 cable w/ 10' drop

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